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Networking for Act 7.0 from different locations

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Networking for Act 7.0 from different locations

Not a strong tech guy here and I'd have to hire help to do this, but I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to network two databases from different states for Act 2005 v. 7?  How difficult is that?  Thanks in advance guys. 
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Re: Networking for Act 7.0 from different locations

If you'd like for the 2 sites to 'synchronize' their databases, here are some articles that will help set it up. 

- You will need a network connection to enable the 2 computers to communicate.  If you do not have one set up, here is an option for setting up a VPN: How to set up a Hamachi VPN 


- You will need to determine which site will be the HOST and then combine the 2 databases to create a main/Publisher database

Best Practices for Import/Export Act! database into another


- You will need to create a remote database from the Publisher database to then restore on the remote workstation

How to Create a Remote Database


Once you have created and restored your Remote on the workstation, when you connect to the VPN you will be able to synchronize the 2 databases.




Greg Martin