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Networking and Synchronizing ACT!

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Networking and Synchronizing ACT!

We have 4 ACT! licenses and presently utilize one of the online server services to host ACT!.  This allows multiple users from multiple locations to access ACT!, input data, etc..  Unfortunately, the hosting service is rancid! 


When we started our voyage into the onlilne hosting, we envisioned utilizing the server for other applications and more intense team utilization of ACT!.  Reality has proven different.  95% plus of the ACT! usage is out of one office and no other applications, aside from Microsoft Office and Outlook, are being hosted.  We have multiple MS Office and Outlook licenses so this is a non factor.


So we're considering bringing ACT! back in house.  It would be easy for the one office, we could network the two users utilizing ACT! 95% of the time or, we could put it on one computer and network to it.  I am wondering though if there is a reasonably easy way to provide access to the other few users that utilize ACT! the remaining 5% or less of the time?


The service from the hosting company is so poor that using something like Go To My PC may even be a reasonable approach for remote accessing.  I'm hoping though there may be other solutions where multiple users could access our 4 ACT! licenses AND keep everything in sync.


I would appreciate any input or ideas for alternate solutions.  Yes, I know, we could look into another hosting service but I'm not necessarily confident we would find anything that much better.


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Re: Networking and Synchronizing ACT!

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Re: Networking and Synchronizing ACT!

Sync is mostly reliable.  Downsides include lack of real time data access, overhead of maintaining ACT on another workstation, and the potential for data loss if a laptop is lost or stolen.  There is responsibility on the user to keep syncing, but when these factors are considered, it can work great.


If you desire a full online cloud based solution, for more than just ACT , there are ACT hosting providers (Including ours) that provide this).  IF this is still a possible option for you, I"'d encourage you to interview a few more companies or work with you existing provider to help them understand that your expectations have not been yet.  Most (I would hope) will either try to help meet your expectaions or help you find another solution.

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