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Needing Help with FIelds

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Needing Help with FIelds

Hi All,


I am trying to set up a new tab under Companies. I have a real estate company and this tab I want to name as "Locations" and this would be for all my company locations. For example, our company would represent Best Buy.Best Buy would get entered as a company and all applicable information would go in. For the tabs along the bottom with Contact, Notes etc I have added one that says "Locations" and this will be where all the Best Buy locations are in the area.


I want to lay the page out as follows:


Tenant Name      Tenant Type     Location    Address   Province    Postal Code

Tenant Name      Tenant Type     Location    Address   Province    Postal Code

Tenant Name      Tenant Type     Location    Address   Province    Postal Code


And so forth.


I want the same fileds repeating over and over again.


Can anyone guide me please on how to go about this?





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Re: Needing Help with FIelds

You have a need for a custom table to address a one-to-many situation. ACT! has the capability but you need a plugin to provide the user interface such as TopLine Designer or Durkin Action Suite to create and manage the table. 

Roy Laudenslager
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