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Need to update old act database

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Need to update old act database

So I have a really old act database (honestly i forgot which version it is but its old).  I want to update the database to work with my actpro.  I know I have to convert the database and if i remember correctly I need to download an older trial version of act (i think it was 6.0) but i can't seem to find the demo this still the way to do it and where can i find the demo version? TIA

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Re: Need to update old act database

Is it your intention to move to the current version of ACT?  


Everything has gone subscription for either SaaS or on premise.


If you are considering updating to the current version I would recommend the "Standard" without knowing more about your environment.


  • Cloud based and backed up
  • Tech support included
  • ACT will load your data


  • Once active you will not have the ability to edit layout or fields without an additional charge
  • With no Internet connection you will not have access to your data

I'm just catching up with the changes in licensing, so I'm asking the community to correct any of my comments above.


John Purdy
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Re: Need to update old act database

I am not sure what you mean by "Act Pro." You will need to  have a copy of at least v18 to register your software.


And yes, if your database is really old you will have to follow these steps:


If this seems a bit daunting feel free to reach out to us; we convert old databases all the time and can get you a written quote.

Karen Fredricks
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Re: Need to update old act database

The question has raised an important issue. Swiftpage removed the automatic conversion wizard a few versions back so the current version of ACT cannot convert an older ACT6 database. You used to be able to use an older version of ACT SQL to do this but now you cannot register older versions I am not sure of the best way forward.


What version of ACT Pro do you have? You will find it in ACT under Help - About ACT.

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Re: Need to update old act database

On a "clean machine" that never ever had any ACT! version installed one should be able to install v16 (I actually prefer v17.1 for ACT!6 conversion jobs) and run it in DEMO Mode for 30 days. Another TIP: if the 30 days have expired, DO NOT try to fool the registration by manipulating date/time of that machine. Delete /erase it instead.
Andreas Schlesselmann
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Re: Need to update old act database

Sorry, I didnt get any updates that people have commented on this thread.  this is the act version i currently have: Act! Pro Version, Update 7.  The contact list, as i said before, is on an oooooooooold version of act, i just want to put the contacts, with notes into my act version as easily as possible.  Preferably without having to do it manually.