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Need help with deleting

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Need help with deleting

Hello i got an question,


I got a group of 3000 people and some of them are costumers and some of them are from the delivery.

lets say i want to delete from the group only the guys from delivery and i dont want to lose them at contacts only want to remove then from the group.


how can i do that without doing them all manual.


i found a program but its expensif for becouse i only need it once




Kind Regard,


Adimo Andree


Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Need help with deleting

I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but if this is just one group, and you only want to do it once, what I'd do is create a new group and just delete the old one:


  • right-click on your current Group and choose "Create Lookup" (you should now have a list of your ~3000)
  • in the list view, choose any columns (Options>Customize Columns) that let you identify the contacts you want to "keep" - e.g. ID/Status
  • select the contacts you want to keep, and then choose "Lookup Selected"
  • Go to Lookup>Groups>Save Lookup as Group - this creates a new Group with the selected
  • Name it, and then delete the old group

However, if this group changes often, and/or you need to update it with new contacts and remove old ones, I'd suggest a better alternative is to get familiar with Dynamic Groups - hope this helps...


Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant
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Re: Need help with deleting

Thanks for the fast awnser!

Let me explain it here we started to use act wrong in the beginning we dont have companies only groups.
We have 1 group that is called mailing where we send mail too.
Now we got twice a year a mail that only costumers need to get.
But in the 3000~ members only like 500 are costumers.
I only want those 500 costumers i could delete them 1 by 1 but cant u do it with a filter like filtering the costumers out.
Sorry i'm new to ACT maby u could explain it.!

Thanks alot