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Need help import Outlook Contacts

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Need help import Outlook Contacts

When importing contacts, I run into an issue where not all the contact will import from Outlook.  There are some 1k contacts in Outlook, but they are not all located in the Contact folder.  Many of them are situated in nested folders.


It will only import those contacts locted in the main Contacts folder.  How can I make the program got through all the nested folders within Contacts so I can import them all?


Please don't say, sync.  This isn't a syncing issue, its an importing issue. 


The ability to import a .pst file would be great since it stores the folder structure from Outlook and the folder names could use used to geneter new groups withint ACT.

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Re: Need help import Outlook Contacts

Hello Brandon,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community. Unfortunately, both the import and sync functions will work only with the main Contacts folder in Outlook. In order to get all contacts you would either need to move (or copy) them into the main contact folder; or you would need to export them to a.csv or Excel file and them import that into ACT!.

Greig Hollister

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Re: Need help import Outlook Contacts

ACT will only import from the main contacts folder, not subfolders.  One option would be to copy everything into the main folder or a copy of it for the purpose of the import.  Since it is not a sync, it is something you woul only do one time. Various add on products will allow you to specify a particular folder for purposes of syncing, but not importing.

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Re: Need help import Outlook Contacts

I would also suggest exporting all of your contacts to an excel file and then do a data clean up process on each column prior to importing anything to ACT.

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