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Need Help Setting Up Act...

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Need Help Setting Up Act...

Hello All;


 I am looking to do several things with act for our organization. I need to make a Tab that is a list simular to the opertunity tab that has a list of our products that every customer has. These products have multiple fields that we need to track. Most important of which is an expiration date field. The data input into this field I would like to populate the act calendar as well as send out emails 30 or 60 days before that expiration date? I was told that ACT should be able to perform both these functions. At this point, I have added an additional tab and all the new fields. But I haven't figured out how to make the new tab be a list like the other tabs, and 2 I have no idea how I can make the date fields in that tab populate the calendar and possibly send out an email on at specific times when needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Need Help Setting Up Act...

The functionality to create relationships between the Company and/or Contact record, so that 1 company or contact can have potentially an unlimited number of products associated with it (and have those products displayed on a list like the Opportunity list) is possible only in ACT 2008 (version 10.0.2).


There's an addon called Topline Designer that makes this relatively simple and painless:


I've had great results with it.


Hope that helps - Ken

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Re: Need Help Setting Up Act...

Have you been able to get the dates to populate the calendar?