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Narrow Search for Annual Event -- Tech Support couldn't help

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Narrow Search for Annual Event -- Tech Support couldn't help

Oh, I'm SO CLOSE to being done! 


I have a Contact List containing Client Birthday, Spouse Birthday, and Birthday Card (Yes/No) fields.  I can do the Annual Event look up for Client Birthday and Spouse Birthday  but I am unable to refine that search to only include those entries which say "yes" in the Birthday Card field.  When I go back to do the second tier look up, I do not get the option to narrow the annual event look up.  If I start with the B'day Card Y/N look up, then try annual event look up, it (ann'l event lkup) just ignores it.


Advanced Query isn't an option because there is no wild card option for the year and, obviously, our clients are born in various years.


Anybody got a work around?  Right now, it appears that my only option is to create a report containing the B'day Card Y/N field and manually edit the labels, etc. and that's not too attractive.