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NOT Clearing Activities - Concerns

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NOT Clearing Activities - Concerns

I use ACT! somewhat differently than most.  I record Activities that have already taken place - not for those in the future.  I do NOT clear any activities, as I prefer to keep hem in my calendar views, and to reference them easily in my Contact screen.


Are there any issues - performance or otherwise - that I should be concerned with by NOT clearing activities.


Using ACT! 2009.



Brian Marder

Brian Marder
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Re: NOT Clearing Activities - Concerns

I don't know if you will encounter any performance issues but im sure someone will chime in and let us know about any pitfalls you might have.


Have a look at your monthly calendar view and look in the upper right corner of the calendar. See where it says options?  Click on that and you can select whether or not to display cleared items.  I don't under stand why you're not clearing your tasks and such but if irt works for you, fine. I'm just pointing out the option where you can display all the activities whether you cleared them or not.


Matt Pulsts
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Re: NOT Clearing Activities - Concerns

Matt has a good tip their with the feature to hide/unhide closed Activities in ACT!


The correct workflow in ACT! of creating and closing activities saves the activtiy information to history so nothing is lost.  

However best practice is to purge the Calendar of cleared Activities on a regular basis. If you needlessly retain Activities, even closed ones, in the calendar it is an unecessary load on the Activity tables in ACT!....So purging is good! You might choose to keep all Activities less than 6 months old for instance.


How do you purge Activities? You can select from the Tools Menu: Database Maintenance | Remove Old Data... and choose what date to purge from for Closed Activities. As always backup your database first in case you inadvertently purge data you should have retained. You will find a performance difference moving through Views in ACT! if you do this house-keeping regularly.   

Graeme Leo
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