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My tab key has stopped working

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My tab key has stopped working

I have been using ACT 2009 for about a year and out of nowhere, my tab key has stopped moving the cursor to the next box. This makes it incredibly difficult to add a new contact. I've combed the forum for a solution, checked the Layout Designer, and looked everywhere else I could think of but cannot find the solution. Any ideas?

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Re: My tab key has stopped working

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This procedure is a bit delicate, but if you are confident of your skills, then select;

Tools, Design Layouts, Contact   

When the Layout Template opens up,

 select View, Tab Stops, Show Tab Stops..

you should then see little red squares with the tab stop numbers to the right of each field in desired sequence.

That will show you if they have been mis-conbobulated, corrupted, cleared, etc..

If corrupted, select the Clear option, below the Show Tab Stops option, to clear,  Then,

   you have to renumber each field. Select:   Enter Tab Stops, place cursor on each field in desired sequence, save your work and close out  of template = success.

   If you are not comfortable with all this do-it-yourself rocket science, will be happy to assist with a free 5minute desktop sharing session.      Just  email me your phone# @ and we will fix you up for free.   Cheers - FSB

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Re: My tab key has stopped working

Bill - can you post the solution or the direction to look so others have access?