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My "Attach to Act Contacts" stops working

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My "Attach to Act Contacts" stops working

It seems as if I must restart my computer on a daily basis in order to obtain the benefits of the "Attach to Act Contacts".  I notice that whenever this stops functioning; that the "Act.Outlook Services. exe" apparently stops as well.


I am unable to find the Act. Outlook services in the SCVS  profile to restart the service.  Has anyone else experience the problem? What is the cure for this behaviour?




Demps Bannerman

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Re: My "Attach to Act Contacts" stops working

Act.Outlook.Service.exe appears to have a somewhat unfortunate name in that it is not actually a service.


The program Act.Outlook.Service.exe is in the "%ProgramFiles%\Act\Act for Windows" folder, and you can start it at any time by simply running it.  (When ACT! installs, it sets this program as an auto-start program so that Windows will run it when you log into your machine.  This is why rebooting your computer "fixes" the problem.)


As to why it stops running I do not know.  The only proper way to stop the program is through a command line parameter, so unless you have a shortcut or other program explicitly stopping the program, it would seem that something is happening that shouldn't


I would check your Windows Event log to see if there are any messages in the Application Event Log which would explain how this program is getting stopped.


Finally, there is some hopefully good news out of this.  When ACT! tries to record a history for an email, it saves the information to disk for later processing.  The program Act.Outlook.Service.exe is the program which processes these history requests.  This means that you shouldn't loose any of your histories.  Merely that it may take a little longer to get them into ACT!  Whenever the program Act.Outlook.Service.exe starts up again, it will put any histories that haven't yet gotten into ACT! into ACT!