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My Record in Contact View

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My Record in Contact View

There are a couple features that I find annoying.


1-            when you open ACT and everything comes on screen with a list of the To-Do, Mtgs, etc.   After I either click on an item and either delete, completed the scheduled event the reminder pop-up comes up with a reminder of the events that I just handled.


2-            in past versions of ACT I could select My Record and then choose Select All contacts so that the final screen would show my record with all of the other total number of contact also listed in Contact View

                In the past two versions when I open ACT  in Contact View My record is shown with all of the other number of contacts also shown.  Once I search for another contact and try to back to my record and wth total number of contact also listed ACT takes me to List View.  If I click on Contact View from List View it is my record that is shown but with only a total number of contacts as 1 as if I did a search.

I would like to be able to view my record I Contact View and also be able to do a Search All and continue to see the total number of contacts.




Ron Sowers

Pool Brite C.L. # 886298