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Multiple problems after Act 22 upgrade - out of memory crashes, spellcheck issue

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Multiple problems after Act 22 upgrade - out of memory crashes, spellcheck issue

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A client has just been upgraded from Act 20 Update 9 to Act 22 Update 4.

These are running on Windows 10, and Windows 7, as a hardware refresh is also happening.


We specifically waited until at least Update 4, because of the inevitable bugs that accompany a new Act release.  It doesn't seem to have helped in this case.


One Windows 10 machine constantly has out of memory errors.  This can result in either an out of memory dialog box, or just the program crashing to desktop, with the only indication of the problem being an Event Viewer System.OutOfMemory Exception in the application log.  When it shows the dialog box, the Act interface stays up, but large parts of it get replaced with a big red X.  The only way to get the full interface back seems to be to shut down and restart Act.


This machine can run out of memory when Act has only been running for 5-10 minutes, or it can last an hour or more.


I've got out of memory errors with the red X on other machines, but this one is by far the most frequent, and I think is the only one that ever crashes to desktop.


The other problem I've got is happening on a Windows 7 computer, when trying to access history items in a contact record.  Trying to attach a shortcut just does nothing at all, and trying to display some history items results in the attached error.  Googling for the error text pulls up lots of references to the Word Crush mobile app, but nothing useful for this context.


Incidentally, all computers with the exception of the server are also running Durkin Impact 10, although I don't think that's relevant to at least the second issue, due to the Act references in the error message text.



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Re: Multiple problems after Act 22 upgrade.

From the looks of it, you just posted the list of things that were supposedly fixed in Act 22 Update 4.


If you look at my original post, you'll see I said I'm already running update 4.


How does it help to tell me my problem is fixed when it obviously isn't?  I apologize if I come across as snarky, but this problem is incredibly frustrating, and Swiftpage's complete non-response to the issue is making me seriously consider just moving to another product.  You telling me (maybe, if that's what you were trying to do) to install an update that I stated in my first post was already installed just adds more to that frustration.


The attached images are screenshots, showing that I am running update 4, and an Event Viewer shot of a series of 4 OutOfMemory crashes within about an hour and 20 minutes.


Each pair of error items in the Event Viewer is the exact same .NET SystemOutOfMemory exception, followed immediately by the Act crash.


Act is virtually unusable at this point, and I'm well past being in the mood for "Install all the updates" type of suggestions.

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Re: Multiple problems after Act 22 upgrade from Act Premium V22.1 Upgrade 4


First, I have been using ACT since it came out in 1987 as a DOS program. I know what I am doing.


During install, ACT had issues, but I managed to work around most of the issues to get it installed. Been there done that. However, the biggest problem was when setting up Outlook to be the default email client. ACT would not recognize the ACT.pad as an "object instance" or some jive talk. I spent hours getting Outlook set up installing as the Administrator.


Once finally accomplished, the attachment feature has been change a lot. I can no longer attach emails using the Company filed, it only allows for attachments via the Contact field or Groups or Companies. In our database we have a lot of contacts where we have Unknown in the Contact field as we do not have a primary contact. We put them in the Secondary Contacts tab. When we get an email from someone with a company that the email address is not in the primary email address field in the Contact Record, we are screwed since we cannot search using the Company filed.


I spent 32 hours this weekend trying to get ACT Ver 22.1 Desktop to work properly and finally had to revert back to Ver 21.1 Update 4 Desktop and that was not easy as I had to remove ACT Ver 22.1 to begin the retro installation and ACT required me to use the email they sent to download Premium Ver 21.1. Upgrade 4 Desktop. Fortunately I had not only backed up the Database, I backed up (mirrored) all drives on all PCs and was able to copy the install folder for Premium Ver 21.1 Update 4. We were left with one install issue, but overall the program is back to being usable.


We need Ver 22.1 to be a friendly install, one that recognizes its .Pad files and the Outlook attachment feature allows for searches in both the Contact and Company fields.


We had a problem with email attachment that I reported to Technical Support when we made the switch to a subscription based account in Nov 2019. The issue was never resolved in Premium Ver 21.1 Desktop and I could not get far enough in Ver 22.1 to see if it was resolved in the new version.


I know ACT does not support version very long now days. I need Ver 22.1 fixed before support for Ver 21.1 Update 4 runs out.