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Multiple names in a contact

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Multiple names in a contact

I'm a Real Estate agent and need to be able to enter multiple names in a contact record, some times we have as many as 4 owners of a property.


Does anyone have any Ideas as to the best way of doing this.

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Re: Multiple names in a contact

What version of ACT are you running? You can login as administrator , go to contact view. On the left hand side there is an option to modify the layout. You can go into edit mode and add fields , move fields ect. You can use the user defined fields, there are 9 of those I believe. And you can edit the title at that point.


Hope this helps.....

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Re: Multiple names in a contact

Using Pro 2012.

I can change the layout and add fields such as contact 2, Contact 3, Contact 4 but then if you do a contact list view they do not appear.

Is there a way to a a second or third contact field and have the name show up in the list view.

If I do add field of contact 2, 3 or 4, is there a way to get the pop up box to appear when entering a name like Phillip Michael Parker.

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Re: Multiple names in a contact


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Re: Multiple names in a contact

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You would be well advised to work with an ACT! Consultant in your region to assist you with an appropriate setup for real estate business for your country. The way real estate business is conducted in different countries is quite specific in my experience. Getting the right design from the outset is so important particularly for searching or reporting on information in ACT!


For a list of ACT! Consultants in Australia go here  Australian consultants

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Re: Multiple names in a contact

I would be inclined to suggest the best way to do this is to create a card for each contact and link them using the relationships TAB and this way you can then view the contacts and all of the additional contacts they are linked to. I suggest this for a coupel of reasons


a) How do you write to each of the contacts via email or letter

b) How do you record interactions with each of the 1-9 parties


You could also create a company entity for each address and link the contacts to the address and in this way you could also see all of their history in one place.


Send me offline message if you want any of this clarified as I have worked with many RE agents over the years.

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