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Multiple Group Lookup

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Multiple Group Lookup

I want to include the Contact Records of multiple Groups in a single, combined Lookup?  Doesn't appear possible - is there a way to do it?
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Re: Multiple Group Lookup

It can be done, but there will be a couple steps.


You can either have a field and add the group name(s) the contact belongs to and do a advanced query on the field.   Or if your groups are setup dynamically, you can do an advanced query on the criteria to create the lookup.

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Re: Multiple Group Lookup

One way is to create a temporary group and add the contact from the other groups to that group.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Multiple Group Lookup

I have a related question which I can't quite find the answer for.  In general, I want to be able to create a lookup based on a contact's inclusion in or exclusion from multiple groups.  Example:


John Doe is a member of the "people I met at last year's industry conference" group and the "do not send marketing info" group.  Jane Doe is a member of the "people i know through act user forums" and "do not send marketing info" group.  I want to send a marketing e-mail to everyone I know from last year's industry conference and everyone I know from the Act forums, excluding those who have requested to be excluded from such e-mails.  I can't even find a screen in Act to do this -- all the contact based lookup options look at contact fields and all the group queries look at group fields -- there doesn't seem to be a way to bridge the two.  


I have also looked at the dynamic membership (mentioned in above posts) but can't figure out how to do what was described, much less how to accomplish my purpose.


I am using Act


Thanks for your help.


Barry Chester


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Re: Multiple Group Lookup

Thought I would update this old forum message as ACT have now included this in fix for ACT V21 HF 6 or above.


Go to Groups - List View - Click on groups you want using mouse and Ctrl - Right click - Create Lookup