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Moving from Goldmine to Act

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Moving from Goldmine to Act



I have act 2011 installed on my server and I have now gotten the courage to move from Goldmine 6.7 Sql to Act.


I have a question.


In Goldmine there is ORG charts which is contacted associated with each other. You can bring a contact up on the screen and on the org chart you can see who else is in the company and click on the contact and bring up the record. Each record in the org chart is its own record and I can email everyone in this org chart.


How do you accomplish this in Act ?


Also what is the easiest way to import my contacts and history into Act.


Contacts I know I can export to outlook and then I can use companionlink to import into Act. BUT what about the History ?


Can I use the internal email built into Act without having to use Outlook ?


I am afraid of using outlook because then all my emails and clients with go into outlook and then sync with my BB and I do not want all this info on my BB.



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Re: Moving from Goldmine to Act



I went from GM 6.7 to Act 2012 three months ago.


The closest thing to the ORG charts is the fact you can make an entry in Act either as a CONTACT or as a COMPANY. The COMPANY record allows you to have multiple contacts, each with it's own fields, email, etc


Importing contacts into Act is easy. Importing the history is impossible unless you pay an Act Certified Consultant do it. You can buy software that supposedly lets you do it, but I found it to be too expensive. I chose not to import my histories.


The internal email in Act is not as useful as the GM 6.7 internal email. Ironically, people like Goldmine have gone with Outlook integration in subsequent versions, so I think it's the way everyone is going -0 they're getting out of the email program business I guess. While the Act email works, there were many shortcomings with it - you can give it a try in the demo to see for yourself.


I use Outlook integration but I set it up so my contacts are NOT moved into Outlook - it gives you this option, so I think you will be able to avoid your sync concern. However, there are a few settings you need to adjust so that your Act history record will properly save the email history. I'm fairly happy with it although it not nearly as good as the Gm 6.7 was.


I spent a lot of time experimenting with sending/receiving emails, looking at how it saves in the history, playing around with the whole setup before I made the switch. I STRONGLY recommend you do it to make sure you are OK with the overall changes. I still prefer GM 6.7 over Act, but this was my only option for contact management. It beats going back to the yellow ledger pad.

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Re: Moving from Goldmine to Act

ACT! doesn't have a visual Org chart... but you can create the links via the Relationships Tab. Would be really great if Sage or an add-on dev would do a visual version of this


You might post a request for this feature to be considered for a future version here -

Input from this web page goes directly into a database that management has direct access to read, and which they also track and gather statistics on. It also allows other users to vote on these so Sage can get an idea of the demand

This article might help word the request to make it easier for management to look at it:


MigrateAdmin is the usual product to convert from GM:

But, if only doing it once, might be woth pricing the conversion from an ACC


Internet Mail is only ok if your mail server uses ports 25/110 and not SSL ... Otherwise, you need Outlook. Your contacts don't need to go into Outlook - you just set the ACT! database as an addressbook.


For your Blackberry, Handheld Contact is the best option:

Has it's own application with Contacts, Activities, notes, Hist...