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Moving a database from Client machine to server

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Moving a database from Client machine to server

I am trying to move an ACT database from a client machine to a server so others can access the database. When I go through the backup and restore process, I get an error message at the very end that says the drive that I'm backing upto is not supported because it is not a local drive. How do I get the database over to the network Computer?
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Re: Moving a database from Client machine to server

If you are trying to backup directly to a network drive, then instead backup to the local drive and then copy the backup (.zip) file to the network drive. When you restore the backup locally on the server, be sure to use Restore As.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Moving a database from Client machine to server

I, too, have been struggling to move the Act! database from my laptop to the server.


Once I do the above instructions,


1. I'll rename the .pad file - correct?


2. Do I need to install Act! on the server or can I run Act! from my laptop and access the database on the server?




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Re: Moving a database from Client machine to server

Points for clarification regarding how Act! must be installed:

  • Database file must always be on a local drive when installing/restoring.
  • The Act! application must be installed on the machine where the Act! database resides.
  • When Act! is shared over a network, in addition to the machine that hosts the database (the server), act must be installed on all machines that will access the database.


Not involving syncrhonizations, to move a database to another machine, generally the steps are: 

  1. Install same version of Act! on PC that will be the new server.
  2. Backup Act! database using Act! Backup from File menu on machine where database currently has been.
  3. Copy the zip file to the desktop of the new server.
  4. Open Act! and do a 'Restore As' from the Restore menu.
  5. Specify to restore the database to a local drive.
  6. After restored, turn on 'Share Database' from Tools menu.
  7. Copy pad file from server to a place where the other PC(s) who will open the database can access the pad file.
  8. From client PCs, browse to/open the new pad file - Act! should load from the new server.