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Moving a Folder that has ACT linked files

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Moving a Folder that has ACT linked files

A client has moved the folder that he was storing his documents to a new server. A great many of these were linked to the ACT Documents Tab. Even though the mapped drive path is the same ACT will not open any of the documents. Is there a way of getting act to look in the new folder for the linked documents or re-linking them?

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Re: Moving a Folder that has ACT linked files

What is the message the returns when a user attempts to open a file?  Access denied?  File not found?


It seems that if in fact the location is mapped exactly the same, the location should be irrelevant to Act!  If Act! had been mapped to G:\<files in here> and the new location is now mapped to G:\<files now in here>, should be ok.  So there must be more to the story...


Checked rights on the new location - read/write?


Even though the location is mapped, any possibility the users were accessing via browsing, such that the actual file location saved in Act! was something like \\<server Name>\share\<file name>??