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Moving Act database to new computer

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Moving Act database to new computer

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I recently moved my database to a new computer and am having problems accessing the database now.  I get the following message on the new computer when trying to open the .pad file:


The database could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable any firewall software on your computer.


I have followed the help suggestions by disabling virus and firewall functions to no effect.  The computer upon which the file was originally housed was on a network, but the actual database was on the local harddrive only and never available to other users.


Additionally, the DB files were moved manually, not through an ACT backup, (which I realize now, I should probably have done).


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do to access this database?  The original computer is no longer available to aid me.


Edit:  I forgot to mention I'm using ACT 2008 V. 10.0

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Re: Moving Act database to new computer

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The pad file (which stands for Pointer to ACT Database) is trying to "point" to the original machine.  That info is part of the pad file. (You can open this file with notepad, it's just a small amount of text describing info about the database).  Delete it.


What you want to do is open the ADF file.  So,


1. Open ACT - dismiss any prompts that ask to open a database, or create a new one, or whatever.

2. go to File>Open Database - browse to where your pad file was, which is also where the ADF file *is*

3. In the Open File Dialog Box, change the File Type (it's a dropdown box) from *PAD to *ADF - you will now see your file

4. Choose and Open ADF file.


Now, you should get a few windows showing progress, but it what is happenning is that ACT is attaching the database to SQL.  Before, it was just ACT database files.  After it's done, it should open.


p.s. you might want to check to ensure SQL is running as well.  Go to Services (right-click on My Computer, then Manage, then find Services.  It will be different based on if you're running XP or Vista - you'll find it)  Look for SQL Server (ACT7) and ensure status is "Started"


Hope this helps, good luck...

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