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Moving ACT! 2008 software and databases

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Moving ACT! 2008 software and databases

I'm trying to move onto a new pc. I (probably foolishly) moved ACT! 2008 license over to my new pc before I backed up the databases on the old pc.  Is there any way for me to bring the databases from the old machine over to work on the new one?
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Re: Moving ACT! 2008 software and databases

Sure, as long as the ACT databases are still available on your old machine, you can back them up and restore them to the new machine. Open the first one, then:


Choose Backup from the File menu on the old machine (accept the suggested name, and save it to the desktop)

Copy the backup file to the new machine (using a USB drive, CD, or over the network)


On the new machine:

Install ACT and make sure it is the same version and build as the old machine (you may need to update it)

Choose Restore As from the file menu

Browse to and select the Backup file

Give it a name and save location


Repeat for each database


Hope that helps! - Ken



Ken Mahler
ACT Certified Consultant
Phoenix Partners
Cincinnati, OH