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Moved database, Now I can't Open it

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Moved database, Now I can't Open it

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Stupid me... I moved my database from a prior location because i was doing some housekeeping.  I think the location is more logical now.


In order to move it, I unlocked it from the SQL Database and then dragged and dropped.


But, now it won't open.  I get the error message that 'The database could not be accessed. Check your network connection......"  This is not on a network.


So, I tried to restore the .zip copy.  That didn't work.  The error message I got was "Failed to open a connection".


I checked to see if the Act files were 'locked' by the SQL database (using a program called Unlocker) and they didn't seem to be.


How can I restore these data files?  Or how can I associate them back with the SQL Database?


Please help!




I recreated my old directory tree and moved the ADF file(s) back.  Rebooted and it loaded.  Then, I actually read in the Act Help files how to properly move a database. 

I think I am OK now......

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Re: Moved database, Now I can't Open it

Hello ApexUser,
Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!

Thank you for posting the update to your issue! Glad to hear you were able to resolve it.
Greg Martin