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Move database ACT Pro 2012

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Move database ACT Pro 2012

Need to move existing ACT Pro 2012 database from drive on failed laptop to my new laptop with ACT Pro 2012 recently installed.

The old disk drive is still functional and connected to new laptop with USB cable.

I've tried to access the data but get a message when I try to open it - The SQL Database is unavailable!

Let me know if you can help!


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Re: Move database ACT Pro 2012

if your most recent backup is on that drive, you can "Restore As" from the zip file.

Mark Rogers
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Re: Move database ACT Pro 2012

I agree with Mark, if you have a backup of the database - it will be very easy to use the File > Restore > Database > Restore As option to recreate it.


If no backup available, copy the database files off of the old hard drive onto the new drive (I recommend creating a folder on the C: drive - example: C:\ACT Database).  Copy the ADF, ALF, and '*-database files' folder to the folder, do not include the PAD file.  Launch ACT! and attempt to open using the ADF file (it will recreate the PAD file), you will have to change the 'Files of Type' to ADF and browse to the new location.



Greg Martin
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Re: Move database ACT Pro 2012

Thanks Greg! I'll give it a go with your method. I did not realiza that the .PAD file would be generated.