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Move a database to a new pc

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Re: Move a database to a new pc

FLG wrote:
I tried what you suggest to Antonis without succes.  The zip file is not accepted when we tried to Restore As our db from Act 2005 to Act 2006.  We received this message :  "The file "c:/..." is not the correct type for this operation".  We also tried to re-index the db from Act 2005 before attemp a backup but it doesn't work.  In this attempt, we received this message : "You may not have enough disk space to complete this operation.  If a network drive is not mapped, ACT cannot determine if you have enough disk space to complete this operation.  Your database can be damaged if you proceed without adequate disk space" .  Act 2005 is on a Pentium III with 512 mo RAM and a Hard Divre of 20 gb and Act 2006 is on a Pentium IV with 512 mo RAM and a Hard Drive of 80 gb.   
My first question is : How can I zip correctly in order to ACT 2006 accept it ? 
My second question is : Do you know any other way to import the db from ACT 2005 to ACT 2006 ?

The problem is that you're trying to restore an ACT! 2005 ZIP with ACT! 2006.
I really wish that they would restore and convert the database in this situation, it would make sense... but it doesn't.
The way to do it is to install ACT! 2006 on the first machine and convert the database. Then back it up and Restore (Restore As) on the 2nd machine
Also, you really won't get good preformance with only 512MB RAM... if you have the chance, you might increase that