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More Outlook Intergration Issues! Yay!

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More Outlook Intergration Issues! Yay!

The list of problems that I've had and worked through between ActV16 and Outlook Intergration are too many to list, so much so I regret continuing my relationship with Act but neverless, I am now experiencing a new issue...


I have to constantly re-establish intergration between the two, I'll noticeemails not being saved in history, contacts not being synced, etc. I don't receive any errors but almost daily I have to do the following...



When I get to this point, no outlook address book is setip, no email editor on occassion and under Outlook Synch Setting, all of the synchronization is disabled even though my settings are to have it enabled and to auto sync.


What can i do to fix this? I am having to triple the work right now to continually make sure things are syncing properly.

Why do I have to continually setup the email system within Act?

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Re: More Outlook Intergration Issues! Yay!

Hi c.Parker,


you may want to consider to contact an consultant, any ACC should be able to help you with your Setup. most ACC also do support via Remote Sessions so travel cost must not be charged. on the Page, there you can find a list of ACC




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