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Modify fields in "record history"

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Modify fields in "record history"

I would like toadd/change some options in the drop down boxs for Type and Result in the pop up window for record history. Can anyone advise how?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Modify fields in "record history"

I dont think you can modify the default activities but you can with any activity types you add.  Ive added an "email" activity to remind myself to email someone (original eh?) and under  Schedule|Manage|Activity Types  I can, obviously, add activity types.


When I select an activity type ive added, the EDIT and DELETE buttons become active. I can then select EDIT and a window pops up where i can select the icon or change the name and add or modify results.


You cant modify "Call" or "Meeting" or "To-Do" but perhaps you could create and use an alternative?  Perhaps create an activity called "Phone" or "Visit" and create the results you want.


Until a utility comes along that will allow us to go in and work with the nuts and bolts of the system (and really screw stuff up!) This seems like a decent workaround.


I assume you cant change the default activity types and results because they have to be pretty standardized to be compatible with other software out there. not everyone you deal with and send schedules and meeting requests etc.. is using ACT!




Matt Pulsts
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