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Modified Layout Problem

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Modified Layout Problem

We have modified our layout to break contact field into first name, last name, spouse and salutation. Now the Last name and first name field are gray and not allowing us to alter them. Can not even delete contact. Why?


We broke the fields up to better accomodate mail merge fields in letters.




Nickel Contributor
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Re: Modified Layout Problem

I believe those fields are automatically (programmatically) broken out from the Contact field.  For example, if you put "John Smith" in the Contact field, the underlying data would have John as the First Name and Smith as the Last Name. You can see this by clicking on the Ellipsis for the Contact field.

Mark Rogers
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Re: Modified Layout Problem

Yes, ACT! is really designed to work with the "Contact" field in the layout/screens, but then you access the components of a name - First, Last etc. - for merging and the like using those fields.


For the most part, there really is little advantage of attempting to use the separate fields in the layout as ACT! allows you to parse the name correctly in those instances where it cannot tell on its own.