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Modem recommendations for ACT on windows 7 x64

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Modem recommendations for ACT on windows 7 x64

I have SAGE ACT (version 11) and am looking to use it to dial customers with a modem and headset. I have read that with ACT you need a compliant TAPI modem. Obviously I also need it to be fully voice compliant with full duplex audio. I am having real problems finding a suitable modem (ideally internal) for use with windows 7 64 bit. It seems manufacturers stopped making decent modems in the days of XP. Can anyone recommend any decent models that will work under windows 7 64 bit? I don’t mind if they are older models as long as I can get the 64 bit drivers for windows 7. Any advice would be appreciated as I have spent a long time searching with no result.


Thanks Helen

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Re: Modem recommendations for ACT on windows 7 x64

Helen, After HOURS of trying to use an internal model with ACT!, finally bought a Prolific USB-to-serial cable and connected a TRendnet external TFM- 560x modem. Works perfectly. Was using an internal modem (generic) but the functions were really limited...needed more that just dial numbers. Hope this helps you.

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Re: Modem recommendations for ACT on windows 7 x64

To just dial out, most modems that support TAPI will work - check that it supports Win7 x64 as not all do.

It's more tricky if you want incoming CallerID (which needs an add-on like itDial). Most internal modems are WinModems or Softmodems and they don't support this... I usually recommend USR Robotics

There is a little file at the bottom of this page called
You can extract the exe file and run it (doesn't need to be installed) and you can try dialling out or receiving a call and see what TAPI functions the modem handles.

Because it don't need to be installed, it can be put on a USB mem stick, taken to a modem reseller and used to check before buying