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Mobile Devises Supported

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Mobile Devises Supported

Am grateful that ACT 2011 (PRO) will now support directly syncing with other than Palm devises.  That being said was very disappointed to learned the while it would support some of the oldest Palm devises (500 series) that it would not support the Treo 650 - a devise I have continued to use simply because of ACT. 


What makes this more disappointing is that I only learned of this AFTER I purchased the upgrade to 2011 version.  If I had not spent time reviewing the various aspects of the software on line and learning that ACT had introduced a new syncing process / software, I would have done the upgrade only to find that I could no longer sync to my mobile devise.  I am pleased about the change but would have expect something in the sales process to alert buyers that this might be an issue.


All that being said, given we are already up to hotfix 4 I think I will wait to buy a new phone and install the 2011 version.

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