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Missing bottom half of contact in detail view

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Missing bottom half of contact in detail view

In my database when I click to detail view a contact I can only see the top half...

name/ address/ email/ last results/ etc


but normally the bottom half is white and has about 10 different tabs that hold, notes, attachments, scheduled events, etc


and now that whole bottom half just isnt there????

I have tried to refresh, go back to old layout, change the view size, but NOTHING IS WORKING!


Also when I use my trackpad on labtop to scroll up and down now my screen in act goes left and right??

This only happens when in ACT program...





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Re: Missing bottom half of contact in detail view

Good morning Kaylin_be -


See if you inadvertently drgged the top of the bottom half down to the bottom of the page.  Take your curser to the first doublie line at the bottom of the screen and attempt to drag it up. 


As far as the left/right scroll on up/down, I can't help you with that one.


Hope this helps.

John Purdy
ACT! Premium V. 18
HP ENVY 17m, 16GB, & Office 365, 32bit, 1TB HDD.