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Missing Records

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Missing Records

I am putting a new database together in 2008 (10.0) Version and find that when I run a report I am missing records (contacts) from the report. The database is currently small, 8 records excluning my record, and only 7 are showing in print preview even when I select the 'all records' in Define Filters. When I got to each of the two records not showing in the report and attempt to create an individual report, the reoprt preview screen appears as a blank with only the report title showing - no record details.


Any help greatly appreciated





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Re: Missing Records

I would help if you would post the report that you are running. From what you posted I'm guessing that you're running the Contact report and the standard version of that report has several subreport for Notes, History, etc. In the standard report, if those subreports are empty, the contact record will be excluded from the report. You can edit the template and set the Hide On Empty Subreport property for the detail section to no and the contact record will print regardless of the state of the subreports.
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Re: Missing Records



Which report are you running? If your running the notes and histories report and those two contacts don't have any, then there going to be excluded from the report.


also check the filters on what your reporting on. It would be easier to help if I knew the report you are running





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