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Missing Company Records

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Missing Company Records

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Update - looking at the USER logs, the records show deleted by the user after all.





Thanks for reading...


We use Act 2006 for Workgroups. Windows 2000 server, 4 databases, 3-5 simultaneous users.


The other day within a 15-minute window, our primary database of client companies went from around 11000 records to like 10500 records.  After looking closer, it appears as though all companies beginning with "a" through "ae" are missing.  None of the 3 users at the time recall being prompted for a mass deletion - so I find it hard to believe they are gone.


The users regularly work with the companies in groups such as "all beginning with a through ae" so it seems to me that the missing companies may have been marked as private or something similar.  When viewing the record count in the database as a whole, the results are the same for each user.


I've searched through this forum but haven't found anything specific to what we are experiencing. 


I would appreciate if anyone could lend some direction is helping us determine where these companies went!

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Re: Missing Company Records

Maybe you should remove the delete function for those users Smiley Happy as the only way to get this data back is via a restore as and merge which does not seem to be that reliable in 2006
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