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Migrating Document Tab to Document Tab Links

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Migrating Document Tab to Document Tab Links

I have been using ACT! for document management and it's not working very well for me.  The best case is that I cannot rename files or store them in directories.  For some contacts, the number of documents is too much (even though there aren't that many documents) and ACT! has memory problems.


So, my idea is to find out which documents are associated with which companies and contacts and replace them with links to files in directories that I set up.  It's not ideal, but at least ACT! won't crash regularly.


First, I suppose that I need to know with whom the documents are associated.  Can I find this information easily with one of the products I have listed below?






Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version, Hot Fix 5 (Normal Use)

Sage ACT! Premium 2012 14.0.572.0 Hot Fix 2 (For Importing Contacts)

Win 7 Pro SP1 x64

Outlook 2010 x32 v14

Durkin Impact Business Suite V4.2

Exponenciel Automatic Field Calculations v8.5

Company Wizard v1.1.1.20

Duplicate Wizard v4.0.5.51