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Migrating ACT6 ==> ACT2010

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Migrating ACT6 ==> ACT2010

A couple of specific questions on migrating ACT6 to ACT2010:


1. Previously we had the ACT6 database on a NAS box and now of course we need to locate its new incarnation on a server. We're going to be using a new server box running Vista Business. For various reasons we're probably going to need to run this server under an admin login. So the question is about any suggested location for the database file and other related ACT files. I was going to use admin_name\Documents\ACT or some such. Any reason not to go with this or are there better options?


2. We've always used IM as our main email system since this used to be the only easy way of sharing mailboxes between users (ie no need to run Exchange and this offers genuinely shared mailboxes rather than synching one mailbox to another - which can be problematic if for whatever reason  there's no access available to the most recent mailbox elsewhere). So I think we'll look to continue to use IM.


Now we've got a lot of stored email history, both linked to individual contacts and a relatively complex set of email folders within the overall IM folder. I've done a test migration from ACT6 to ACT2010 and as far as I can judge the histories linked to contacts transfers over OK but there's no sign whatsoever of the mailbox structure having been migrated over. So two sub-questions here:


(a) I'm presuming that I should just copy over the mailbox folder structure 'manually' between old and new installations. (What I'm worried about is whether IM works any differently in terms of message/header format or perhaps folder structure between ACT6 and ACT2010)


(b) Given that the mailbox structure didn't migrate over automatically, is there any other aspect of the migration that I should check for not happening automatically? (We don't run a complex ACT installation - it's really a glorified address book but with the key addition of email histories and about 5000 contacts all-told.)


Apologies for the long post but I need to sort out all these details in order to run the migration for real.

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Re: Migrating ACT6 ==> ACT2010

Here's a part-answer for you (to Q. 1) - don't have time right now to address your email migration challenge but someone will jump in with advice on Q2 I' sure...   

Database location isn't a critical factor. By default, ACT! will want to create databases in a sub-folder of <user's>Documents/ACT but it really doesn't matter providing the folder is properly shared for any network users. As a practice, if it's a hared database on a server I usually create a new shared on the root C: drive for easy of locating/mapping from remote machines, but your suggested location should not present a problem if it is properly shared. 

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Re: Migrating ACT6 ==> ACT2010

1. Don't leave a shared database in a user's My Docs. The security in Vista doesn't like this. Either use the Shared Docs (under All Users) or create your own like C:\ACTDATA

This might help:


2. To convert IM, see this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


But you can't share IM boxes as they now use SQL and need to be local for each user.... at least I don't think I've seen it done.

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Re: Migrating ACT6 ==> ACT2010

Sorry for the delay in following up - only get a chance to look at this issue occasionally (actually it's urgent because we're currently forced to use a backup CRM configuration since ACT6 is partly broken (Vista issues), but everything else - like keeping the business running - is even more urgent!)


>But you can't share IM boxes as they now use SQL and need to be local for each user.... at least I don't think I've seen it done.


Are you sure about this? I'm not doubting your post, but this point is critical to our use of ACT, ie as an email system as well as for contacts management.


If it's true then we've just wasted the ACT2010 upgrade licences we've bought since I suspect that they will be useless - we'd have been better off upgrading the Vista box that's causing all our problems to a Win7 version that supports XP compatibility mode and continuing to use ACT6, which does all we need for CRM and email. (Assuming that this would be a viable ACT configuration, but in principle it looks OK.)


I guess the key question is whether the ACT2010 mailboxes are actually inside the SQL Server environment rather than being just plain file system folders as in ACT6. I can imagine that once an email is attached to a contact then it's presumably copied and enters the SQL environment at that stage, either being added to the SQL database or whatever. But you think that even the primary (eg inbox) mailboxes are managed under SQL even before any incoming mail is attached to a contact?