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First time user here and I ran into some fun doing merging.


I have a database and we realized too late that we'd made a mistake with a field we created (it was 50 characters long and needed to be 150). So I wanted to fix it and get the new data into that field but every attempt ended up much different than what we expected.


The CSV data includes 6 fields including "contact" and the field in question.


What's the right/best way to re-populate an existing field when this happens? I ended up having to wipe 7,000 records to get it to get the data in.

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Re: Merging?

the import/merge in ACT! can not update existing data in a field.


You have two options:

  1. Use Edit | Replace to black the field, then import as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -
  2. If you need to do this regularly or selectively update data, use an add-on such as itImport
Of course, you'll need to have a field (or fields) to uniquely match the incomming data with the records already in the system