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Merging data from text file into an existing ACT database

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Merging data from text file into an existing ACT database

I am using Act 2011 on Windows 7. I want to merge data from a tab separated file into specific fields of an existing database. I thought I would be able to export the records including the GUID, create the new fields in both ACT and the text file,  add data to the new fields in Excel and then import the data back into ACT. But it doesn't appear you can export the GUID.


Is there a way to export GUID as part of the data so it is recongized on the import?


Is there another way to to do the same thing?


The help files discuss the merge process doing matching, but is that only from one ACT database to another or will it work when merging from a text file into an existing ACT database?


Any help or pointers to other forum posts would be helpful. I have been unable to find anyting similar.

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Re: Merging data from text file into an existing ACT database

For an update merge as you describe I would suggest using an addon such as OakMerge.

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Re: Merging data from text file into an existing ACT database

Not sure if OakMerge does this, but itImport also has a function to Auto Number the records in the database... then you can export this field as well and use it as the key field when re-importing the data
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serious problems with 2012 and support

I really wish I had not bought this product. Firslty, as this was an upgrade, I discovered I was noit entitled to any support. This is not made clear anywhere, and given the new features of 2012, is quite wrong and possibly a misrepresentation, as the term 'new' products is a debatable one. What is new? 2012 comes with integration with Google - a big change, esp for those who do not use Outlook. It needs to be stated very clearly that no support is available for upgrades, at the point of purchase or before. Not stating this is very poor practice.


I did manage to get a days support for 2012, and this was very full for that day. However the end result was a failure. We were unable to integrate ACT with Google on my PC. We tried everything. In the end, it was all  blamed on the environment on my machine - and although a refund was offered - the only solutions suggested were either to try the program on another machine - not a possibility for me - or to reformat the hard drive! I simply do not accept that there is anything special on my PC preventing the program integrating with Google.


This was a blow tro me, as I had purchased 2012 only because of the  integration with Google feature. Nothing much else has changed, and Scratchpad is a small matter


So caveat emptor, I fear.