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Merging Records

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Merging Records

I would like to append current contacts with some information I have on another list and am having trouble getting new records to merge with existing records. I am using ACT! 2008 on Windows XP SP2. I have set up duplicate checking for company first, contact name second and phone third. I have set up the duplicate records handling in the import wizard to merge the records. The contacts are originally in an Excel spreadsheet and are being saved in a .csv file. The contact information is being uploaded to a database shared by 7 users. I have worked through the wizard a couple times and it didn't change any of the existing records. Am I doing something wrong? Deleting the DB and starting over is not an option for me. Is there a better way to do it? If I replace the old contact with the new information, what happens if a field that is currently filled in like the address does not have information on the new list? Will it be replaced as a blank field?
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Re: Merging Records

ACT! doesn't do field level merges - it will replace the record if it matches.
To do field level updates, you need itImport