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Merging ACT with Outlook,

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Merging ACT with Outlook,

Hello, I am having  trouble attaching my outlook email to my ACT data base, any detailed help would be appreciated...
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Re: Merging ACT with Outlook,

I am also having the same problem.  I am using ACT ver 11.0 with an old ver of outlook (2003).  Outlook 2003 looks for a .dbf database and not the new .dat database format.  The only thing I have been able to do is export the ACT info into a .txt file format and then import that info into an Excel spreadsheet.  From there you can import it into Outlook.  You need to also export the headings from ACT into the text file.  If anyone knows of a better way, let me know.
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Re: Merging ACT with Outlook,

Personal Disclaimer -- I am not a technician


I found for their program eMailConnectProfessional


I highly recommend the program. 


How I use it....


Most of the eMail I receive or send I do not need to have a copy in the contact's profile.  eMailConnectProfessional gives you the option of attaching or not.  I highly recommend this program as it has saved me many hours of eMail management.


Another benefit of the program is that it allows you to attach an eMail in Outlook to multiple contacts, a real benefit. 


I'm not sure this answered your specific question, but I hope it helped.


John Purdy
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Re: Merging ACT with Outlook,

if act is still looking for a DBF, theres a quick fix for this:

in C:/Windows/system32/ folder
you will see four files actext.dll, actab32.dll, act9ext.dll, act9ab32.dll
remove the first 2
leave the other 2
then search for and delete extend.dat (which holds Outlook's settings), and restart the machine

 ran this and it has fixed it every time

Scott Lahn
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Re: Merging ACT with Outlook,

Moved jcheri's reply to its own thread for greater exposure.