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Merged Databases unclears tasks!

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Merged Databases unclears tasks!

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I just upgraded to act! v.18 on my laptop, running Windows 8.1.


The upgrade went fine, and restoring my backup from v.13 was perfect.


I have 11,000+ contacts ('cuz I've used act! since the 90's).


I am merging about 50 contacts (via the export wizard) from one laptop onto another laptop (both have v18), and each time I do, MANY of the "tasks" in the past become uncleared items, putting 2,000 meetings, to-dos and calls back on my list, dating back to 2004, when I switched from act! for the Macintosh to PC...  This is a particular problem for recurring items!


Also, tasks of one "type" have now defaulted to "to-dos", making my filters obsolete. (I had custom types, and these are the ones which seem to have been affected, because it appears that new databases created in v18 don't allow you to create custom types!).

Some items remain cleared, others are put back on the list, and I can't figure out why, or how to correct it.


I have searched the knowledge base and cannot find answers...


Anyone have any thoughts?



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Re: Merged Databases unclears tasks!

We've heard of this happening when merging to a database where the users on each database do not reflect each other.
I would suggest you check that the database you are merging from (the about 50 contacts one) has the same users set up as in your main database.
Sometimes Act will see a disparity in the activities for users that don't exist and will then assign the activities to you, and potentially unclear them.
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Re: Merged Databases unclears tasks!

Thank you, Gary.


I know they are identical, as I was merging from one remote to another, created off of the same main.


After playing with it (all night), it appears to have something to do with the settings in the export wizard... whether or not I "merge" or "replace with new"...


Thank goodness for backups and the ability to experiment


Still bugs me that this has taken so much time to figure out...