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Massive Advanced Queries

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Massive Advanced Queries

I want to make a customer query by postal codes to get all of the prospects in my territory. 


the problem is that I have about 680 different postal codes to enter.


Is there any way to eigher import the list from excel, or to modify an existing query in excel.


I was able to open an existing query in excel, do all of the modifications, but then I loose the format and ACT won't open it.


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Massive Advanced Queries


I have tried something similar in my database.

I created a query "by range" of zip codes.

Table = Contact / Field_Name = Postcode / Operator = Greater than or equal to "starting post code" AND

Table = Contact / Field_Name = Postcode / Operator = Smaller  than or equal to "final post code"

How about it ?

It ´s going to work for you ?


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Re: Massive Advanced Queries

I wish it was that easy, but here in canada, we use postal codes that are a mix between letters and numbers.  Like N2H 1M2 for exemple.


In the list that I have to import it is only the 3 first digits. and like I said, I have 680 of them.


but thanks for the effort.

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Re: Massive Advanced Queries

Without seeing your list of post codes you want to include, I can't say for sure that some creative use of the query operators would reduce the number of query elements but I think it could. I looked at a chart of Canadian post codes and it looks like it would be possible. For example, if you used a query element of Starts With "V" you would get all the post codes in British Colombia then specific codes could be excluded.
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