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Mass email Marketing

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Mass email Marketing

We are trying to do a mass email marketing (600 recipients/emails). These already have their ID status and will be embedding the newsletter in the body of the email. Question is whether ACT (ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0) Version is able to send out the email to that many recipients at once? We do use Microsoft Outlook 2003. Hope someone can help me out with this so I can do the mass emailing today (planning on recording the history of sending out the emails).


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Mass email Marketing

ACT! Can support about 25-50 emails at once though your Outlook. It can be cumbersome to do them in increments like that. I ended up purchasing an add-on (SwiftPage) that uses their own server to send mass emails. I am not that happy with it becuase it can be very limiting with the formating of the emails. Depending on the package that you buy, SwiftPage will only allow you to send a certain number per day. Hope that helps.
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Re: Mass email Marketing

check your ISP's limits on mass emails.  Each one is different and hanldes large numbers of emails differently.  I currently use northwoods mail merge for newsletters and such whichi very happy with.  my ISP, comcast, will only let me send batches of 10 emails at a time. This is OK with me because mailmerge allows me to setup sending in bursts of 10 with a minute delay in between. this satisfies comcast. I used to have earthlink which had a higher limit(i think it was 25). 


according to the above post, you cant only do about 25 at a time with ACT and outlook. sounds tedious.  I que all 250 emails into mailmerge and it automatically sends them in the appropriate bursts.


mailmerge also handles plain text and html emails quite easily, it works directly with ACT through your ISP so there is no subscription cost.  The only limitation is with your ISP.





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