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Mass Deleting email history for some user

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Mass Deleting email history for some user

Is there any way to cut all history made by some user ? mayby via SQL manager ? i have new DB and user was told to try it and one user have sent emails outlook  act and havent spot that its automaticaly attached to act and now there are many emails history that shouldn be there. can i somehow cut it all for that user ? its just history connected with contacts not any other elements(opp or companies or groups) ??

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Re: Mass Deleting email history for some user

I assume these emails are attached to multiple contacts, not just recorded under a single contact record. There isn't a function within the program to target removal of just emails, but an option to help with the manual clean up is: create a test Group, attach all of the affected contacts to the Group. This Group History tab will now display all items for the attached contacts. Sort the History tab by 'Result' and then use block commands (hold Shift or CTRL and select items) to highlight multiple items > right click in highlighted area and select Delete.

If you want to remove ALL History items, you can use the Tools > Database Maintenance > Remove Old Data option. Remove 'Histories older than' option.

Note: Always create a backup before making mass changes (File > Backup > Database).
Greg Martin
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Re: Mass Deleting email history for some user

I think there may be an easy way to do this--at least, this is how I delete emails in a mass. I click on history list>upper left corner I choose my dates>go down to the gray toolbar that says date, time, contact, company, result. I click on result to sort by type, whether it's email sent, call returned, field changed etc.

I highlight the emails I want to delete, and delete them.


In that toolbar referred to, if you click on options on the right there are many more available fields you can add to help with your sorting of the list.

I hope this helps someone!


~Joslyn Pollock

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Re: Mass Deleting email history for some user

Hi Joslyn,


You're right, this is now the best method to do this kind of History cleanup. When this thread was originally posted and the question asked, the History List was not yet a feature in Act!  Smiley Tongue This feature was added in Act! v16 which was released in 2013.