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Marketing Automation Tab

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Marketing Automation Tab

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Since I just upgraded to the last version of Pro v22, I keep getting these Marketing Automation tabs appearing in my workspace. I can't figure out how to delete them or prevent them from being created. EVERY time that I click on a task, and I bring up the new prospect record, a new tab is created!! This is getting unusable as I accidentally click on the automation tab instead of the tabs that should be there, and if I do 100 tasks today my screen will be filled up with these Marketing Automation tabs. OMG! Please help me to make it stop. Thanks.


EDIT: I spoke with a support tech who removed the tabs but didn't hang on the line long enough to test that it wouldn't happen again. Guess what? It kept happening so he didn't actually fix the problem. I gave up and uninstalled Act! and reinstalled the previous version that doesn't have the Marketing Animation feature and all is good. Please remind me never to install another version of Pro.

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Re: Marketing Automation Tab

I was told my tech support that the market tabs can't be removed. I'm surprised they don't lock a tab down and if you accidentally click on it it serves you a web ad.