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Mapping Problem

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Mapping Problem

Hi there,

Im new in this community and Im new using ACT! Im finding a real problem when mapping.

I start using the wizard, then open my excelspreadsheet and everything runs smoothly until I have to match all the fields from the spreadsheet to ACT! fields.

Ive created the ones I need previously, and I match them up no problem, but when I import all the contacts, some of the fields appear messed up, for example:

I map them like:




and so on, and when I import them, they appear like this:





It doesnt happen in all the fields, only in some of them. Ive even changed the name of the fields on the spreadsheet to match them with ACT! owns, but still doesnt work... 

Any ideas why? Help, please.

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Re: Mapping Problem


I use ACT since version one.

Long time ago I assumed some rules to work with contact records and addresses for example:

- do not use comma in any field because it may cause you problems when creating csv files (importing or exporting).

Are you sure data you are trying to import does not have commas?

It may cause a break in registers.

I hope this help.

Mac, Jorge A. Mac Genity
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Re: Mapping Problem

Possitive. No commas at all in any of the fields...

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Re: Mapping Problem



One thing I would check is the format of the fields you're trying to import into


Are they character fields or something else?


May be worth checking


Assuming this is a custom database you've created, another thing you could try would be to do the exact same process in the ACT demo database and see if you get the same problem


Hope this helps

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Re: Mapping Problem

Hi, thanks for the answer.

I have even contacted Sage and they have told me the lenth of the excel spreadsheet is too long.

Now I have to split my spreadsheet into three to make it work...

Im sure it must be some other solution to this??