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Managing leads and the sales process

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Managing leads and the sales process


I really need help from you pros that have worked with ACT and know "the sales process".
The flow would be as follows:
1) All calls hit the voicemail (most leave a message and some don't)
2) Listen to message to assess "interest level"
3) Enter only the "interested leads" into ACT which we will now call it a "Hot Lead" (this will also be the status of this lead this the best thing or should we create a "group"?).
4) Call the lead
5) If the lead is interested to go into contract we will now move it into a status of "Pending Contract". If we can't get in touch with the lead we will leave them a voicemail if we can. If not we have to follow up with this lead. 
I want to make sure the sales rep contacts this (these) leads enough times (enough = 4-8 times at different times of the day or evening). 
Therefore, what is the best way to handle this (these) leads to follow up properly? Should I create a custom field to mark down "number of calls made"? So then the rep can query by this field to see that there has only been x amount of calls made? 
Also, we usually end up with an abundance of leads that are "mild or neutral" (meaning they haven't shown great interest). Therefore we would enter these leads into ACT as "Mild". What do you think is the best way to schedule, label, and handle these leads?
I greatly appreciate your feedback on this. I am trying to optimize as best as I can to make this work effectively. Any and all your feedback is welcomed. Smiley Happy


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Re: Managing leads and the sales process

I am contemplating this same scenario.


I have an Act DB with 1000 customers and I don't want to pollute it with a bunch of dead, cold or even mild leads.


Do we create a whole separate DB to deal with them?

Or do you use something like Constant Contact?


Not sure what you found on this.


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Re: Managing leads and the sales process



I do know this, you want to always use 1 DB. You should be grouping them and "working" leads through the sales process. So you should have even the cold and mild leads in there. You can always delete them if you know for sure they will never be customers but that is what a CRM is for. To work leads, have records, stay in touch with them.


Constant Contact is simply an autoresponder which has the primary function of staying in touch with the client via email and setting up premade emails so you can have that running on autopilot.


Hope this helps.


Can anyone please help regarding my issues I have?

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Re: Managing leads and the sales process

Definitely one database is the best practice.  Use Groups and dynamic membership to categorize your contacts and make it easy for you to see hot, warm, active contacts.  With dynamic membership, they can move between groups based on their status.


Sage ACT! also has an e-mail/drip marketing tool (similar to but better than Constant Contact) that is embedded in ACT! that would help you stay in touch with those less than active contacts.


Havea great day.


Leanne Evans
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Re: Managing leads and the sales process

Leanne hit the nail on the head.


One database.


Categorize the lead as appropriate. 


Groups that are dynamically populated based on any contacts lead status can let you easily build outbound mail campaigns in which the message is targeted for the appropriate lead status (eg Cold leads get the "we haven;t heard from you in nine months" email, etc.


Only challenge will be ensuring people assign leads to the appropriate category.  Making sure there are pre-defined guidelines as to what constitutes cold/warm/hot will be important.  If people don't so this it isn;t Act's fault. 


Expect once a year or six months you'll probably want to go through the entire databse and ensure nothing has been overlooked.  Also, the Lead Status field you may want to define it as a required field, or at the least limit the options people can put into it.