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Managing User - HELP!

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Managing User - HELP!

Okay....I'm a newbie with ACT...and a frustrated one, at the moment.  I'm creating my database in ACT PRO 2011, and I notice that the name of the Record Manager is my first contact, instead of my name, which is correctly included as the user name.  So, I go into Tools>Manage Users to edit it.  I can edit every field except the contact name.  That's shaded out.  And it won't allow me to delete this user and replace it with a corrected user and contact name.  If I add the correct user, it lists it as inactive because I only have a license for 1 active user.   


Advice, anyone? 

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Re: Managing User - HELP!

You can change the contact name for that particular user on the contact detail page by the user of the name, and that will change it on the manage user dialog box.

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Re: Managing User - HELP!

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Before doing this, you will want to duplicate the record so you will still have that contact your database. Then change the information for the original back to the user's name. This will show the correct name in Manage Users and for the Record Manager. If the user record contains Notes, Histories, Acticities, etc for the contact, you can copy that data to the duplicate you created using the process in KB Article 14408.


It's important to note that when you log into your ACT! database, the contact record that you will see first should always be your own record (this is known as the My Record). Be sure not to type over this record when creating a new contact..always click Contact, then New Contact.

Greig Hollister

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