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Managing Information

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Managing Information

Hi Guys,


Can you please give me some ideas as to the best way to handle some information.  We have implemented ACT! into a plumbing business.  There are several large builders who have multiple jobs each month and the information is quite difficult to track.  When the owner comes to invoice he will quite often want to know how much the original quote was and how many progress payments (and amounts) have been invoiced to date.  (The accounting package doesn't do this very well), so I was hoping I could set the building company up as a Company in ACT! and then add contacts to the company for each customer, then adding History to the customer with quote, scan of plan, invoice, purchases and correspondence information etc...  so you end up with a "job" history.


Can anybody see any obvious pitfalls to this?  Is there a better way of achieving it?  The main problem I can see is if the plumber doesn't know the client name (not the building company name) or when on site the house is being made, then you're still scambling to find the information you want.


I would really appreciate any help out there!  Thanks Smiley Happy