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Making divisions in Companies for ease of use

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Making divisions in Companies for ease of use

I use ACT Database 2013 for keeping track of all of the hospitals that I sell to in different states.  My problem is that I have almost 700 hospitals in Companies, and it is very difficult to manage.  I would love to start out by making divisions by states, ie. Illinois Hospitals, Indiana Hospital, and Iowa Hospitals.  


The problem is I can name these as new companies.  I can even do the lookup, and select the hospitals in each state, and they will come up separately in List View.  Here is where the issues comes in.  I would like to move all those hospitals to a new company, called Illinois hospitals for instance, but there doesn't appear to be an easy way to do this.  It would be nice if I could highlight all of the hospitals from my lookup for Illinois hospitals, and move them to the Illinois Hospitals folder, or Company, but the only thing I am able to do is right click on each one, and then move it to the Illinois Company.  I tried using the shift key to select multiple or all, but then the Move key is grayed out.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  If this worked, I would love to bring the large number of companies down even further by separating Hospitals from Clinics, etc.  


Thanks so much for your help.



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Re: Making divisions in Companies for ease of use

I fiddled around with this for a while and couldn't come up with a way to do it. 


However, I think it is a good idea.  How about adding it as a suggestion in share your ideas?



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Re: Making divisions in Companies for ease of use

I am considering buying ACT 2013 - and have a similar situation.


I have 2 seperate business's with one Database - some cross selling but not the same contact person. Thus, I need to create /maintain two seperate Database within one CRM program.  Can this be done within ACT 2013? 

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Re: Making divisions in Companies for ease of use

I wouldn't recommend it because:

1.  It makes it impossible to manage one calendar,
2.  It is really slow to continually open/close databases.
3.  There is a wide variety of ways to subdivide/split/sort/group your database even if they are combined,
4.  It eliminates a lot of duplicate entry - company name/address/direct phone/city/state/zip/id status/website, etc, are the same - only the contact name is different "to protect the innocent".  Smiley Happy

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