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MailChimp Plugin for Act

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MailChimp Plugin for Act

Anyone have experience using this?


I'm doing a trial now and am Admin with a remotely hosted DB. The main DB has been modified and I can see the MailChimp tab and use its features and I have it installed locally too.  The other users do not have it installed locally but are using the same DB.  I only want the Admin to have the full access tot he plugin sync features, etc. but I want the other users to be able to see the MailChimp tab on the contact record that shows the reporting and email history.


Do I have to get a separate license for each user just for them to view it or is there a way for me to just have 1 license with full features and have the other users just be able to view the results?

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: MailChimp Plugin for Act

I suggest you ask directly to the support service  of this add...


Best regards and good luck...