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Mail mergeing prints to the wrong printer

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Mail mergeing prints to the wrong printer

Hi guys, we are running ACT! Version 9. Strange problem, when a user does a mail merge and wants to print out a document they select the printer they want and it works fine. If they then do another mail merge and select a printer it will always print out on their default printer rather than the printer they have selected. It's a problem with all of our users and requires them to either shut down ACT! and restart or to save the document and reopen the document to be able to print to a different printer. We are using Word 2000 to open mail merge documents with all users running Windows XP SP2 (fully updated) If anyone has an idea how to stop this I would love to know! Thanks.
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Re: Mail mergeing prints to the wrong printer

I have the same issue and it is a very annoying bug that's been around at least since v2006 for me!
What I do is make the printer I want the job printed on the default - temporarily - before I try to print.  Maybe easier and faster for your staff than quitting and re-starting the software.