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Mail merge

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Mail merge

I am having a strange problem. I was using mail merge to send several e-mails from my contact list. To start my e-mail, I put in

Dear <Salutation>:


I sent a test message to my Mac and my PC which runs Windows 7. On my Mac I saw the merge correctly, e.g., Dear Mike:

but on my PC there was no merge for the salutation. It said Dear   :


I will appreciate some help.



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Re: Mail merge

Hello Brad,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Mail merge creates individual e-mails for each recipient: are you viewing the same email from 2 different computers, or is this 2 different contacts within your database?  If different contacts, what does the salutation field (within the database) contain for the contact sent to the PC?


As a test, you can run the same template in a mail merge using the Word Processor option - you can then view the results before running it as an e-mail.

Greg Martin